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times on the anthony family computer. you heard also during the trial, cindy anthony, casey's mother, saying it was she that had done searches. that was refuted by a fellow co-worker who said, impossible, because she was at work at the time when certains were allegedly done on the hume computer which brings it back to the possibility of casey having done searches of chloroform, if that was the manner in which chloroformed to death if you will, little 2-year-old caylee anthony died. so these procedures are going through judge perry. let's go to lilja outside the courthouse for us. do you have any idea how long the 16 points, the reading through which the discussion of, will continue before opening statements begin? >> reporter: we expected that the jury might be already inside the courtroom by this time. those 16 statements were not only given to both sides during the week, i think it was on friday or thursday, but there were also handed to the media. we have been aware of statements and the most important, like you said, is this one that says they cannot argue about anything they can
where caylee is. >> meanwhile, cindy anthony, caylee's grandmother, was trying desperately to see the little girl. the prosecution says that casey avoided her, putting her off with a escalating series of lies about a fictitious job, made-up locations and a nanny that never existed. >> cindy anthony pressing her daughter wants to know where caylee anthony is. where is caylee anthony? >> caylee, the prosecution says, was already dead. >> you will learn that three pieces of overlapping duct tape covered the nose and mouth of caylee anthony. >> the prosecution then spells out the motive. >> caylee's death allows casey anthony to live the good life, at least for those 31 days. >> everyone wants to know what happened. >> defense attorney jose baez has long suggested that the truth will come out at trial. >> how in the world can a mother wait 30 days before ever reporting her child missing? it's insane. it's bizarre. something's just not right about that. >> when he makes his opening statement, it's a bombshell. >> the answer is actually relatively simple. she never was missing. caylee a
for the child basically. >> george and cindy anthony quickly leave the courtroom after the verdict is read. they later say the jury's decision was fair. >> right now, get out of my way. >> but while their daughter's next chapter is unclear, one thing is uncertain about casey anthony. >> she's an instant celebrity. everybody knows her name. >> the trial that made casey anthony a household name begins with opening statements on may 24th, 2011. >> it is time to tell the story of a little girl named caylee. >> the prosecutor argues that casey killed caylee and for 31 days she lived the good life, shopping, clubbing and partying with friends. >> casey anthony is gallivanting around orlando, captured on video at target, captured on video at a bank of america. no one knows where caylee is. >> meanwhile cindy anthony, caylee's grandmother, was trying desperately to see the little girl. the prosecution says that casey avoided her, putting her off with an escalating series of lies about a fictitious job, a made-up location, and a nanny that never existed. >> cindy anthony pressing her daughter wants
can and i wish i could do more. >> the devastating, the defendant's parents, cindy and george anthony. >> i need something inside of me to help get me through this. >> their daughter pleaded not guilty to suffocating caylee with duct tape in june 2008. >> this is the ultimate american tragedy. the ultimate american nightmare. that's what this is. >> the child's skeletal remains were found near the home where she had been raised and, by all accounts, loved, wrapped in plastic garbage bags, dumped on a wooded side of the road like trash. >> please keep your voices down. >> after six weeks of testimony, a case that ran the 25,000 pages, the jury of seven women and five men, after a little over ten hours of deliberations announced that they had reached a verdict in this death penalty case. the crowd outside was electrified by the news. learning that the verdict would be read in open court in 45 minutes. >> pick a side, approximate a spot, pick somewhere else but don't block the sidewalk. >> the defense and prosecution return to the courtroom. casey was brought back in. she chewed her nail
witnesses from cindy anthony's former employer to prove she was at work when she claims she googled color foreign minister on her home computer. early today the defense attorney baez asked for time to talk to some of the rebuttal witnesses saying the planned testimony was a surprise to him. the judge perry showing frustration with this wrangling. judge: the jury has been sequestered and there are real problems and there are imaginary problems. and i hope this is a real problem and not an imaginary problem. >> we are told the jury could get the case this weekend. the florida mother stands accused of drugging her 2-year-old daughter, and suffocate her and storing the body in her star for several days before dumping it in the wood. that is the prosecution theory. defense attorneys claim she died accidentally in the swimming pool and her father, george anthony, helped cover it up. did the defense present any evidence of that? we will get interest that with our legal panel. and we will go in the courtroom as prosecutors present the rebuttal case. but, first, to phil live outside the courthouse
tried to poke holes in the testimony of cindy anthony, casey's mother. >> this concludes the presentation of all evidence. >> after five and a half weeks, more than 30 days of testimony, and countless side bars, both prosecution and defense have rested their cases in one of the most captivating trials in the country. the final day of almost centered around a website search of the word chloroform on casey's computer. cindy anthony said she did it, but the state expert witness says cindy was at work, not at home, when the search was made. >> did the business records also show that user cmant hfrment hon was entering information into the patient record. >> that's correct. >> while this was considered a decisive blow to the defense, anthony's lawyers motioned for acquittal. >> we knew a motion will be denied. >> sunday morning the jury is expected to hear closing arguments, a final attempt for attorneys to prove their cases and leave a lasting impression. the judge is trying to keep the trial moving and the jury is growing tired of the delays. >> and you all can take as much
, the grandmother, she looks like a grandmother, she connected with cindy anthony when she took the stand and started weeping. where do you think she is on this one? >> i find her as the solid rock that everyone wants to go to for advice. with the age group, wisdom. she is always well manicured, very fast tedious, good at time -- when it comes to the searches and the timeline this is one bright lady. she is a sharp tack is >> she is a mental health counselor. >> exactly. >> judge jeanine: i saw her body language change when cindy anthony took the stand. it was palpable how her heart went out to cindy anthony. is that going to play in their deliberations as to guilt or nonguilt? that we are punishing grand patients, ultimately, -- grand parents, , if we take their daughter away. will that play? >> i think that will. the conversation i've had with my mom, there are a lot of grandmothers with grandkids around the same age as caylee. my mom keeps saying, she has her thoughts. she has her opinions on this at the end of the day, she said, i can sometimes understand why she sticks her neck out f
for tomorrow as the case enters its final phase. friday saw dramatic testimony from the employer of cindy anthony, that's casey's mom. the employee refuted sipdy's testimony that she searched for the term chloroform on her home computer because he say she was at work at the time. >> it appears to be from on the screen there's activity throughout the account throughout this user i.d. through the afternoon. >> lilia is live for us in orlando. a good saturday morning to you, lilia. there was a lot of tension in that courtroom engine friday. what else did the prosecutors include in their rebuttal? >> reporter: there certainly was, alex. not only were they able to prove that she was at work and not at home when the searches were being made, but there were no searches for chloroform, bamboo or how bamboo would interact with a dog. there was no search for hand sanitizer along the days that cindy anthony said she was making those searches which is what she used to say that led her to the searches for chloroform. they explored to the lead investigator. he had the phone records for both cindy and g
and stepped up and assumed it and get criticized. any way, where are george and cindy and any? >> i'm told that they are at their home. i was in touch with their attorney late this afternoon. he was relieved that this afternoon the time i had spoken with him, they hadn't gotten death threats today. it has been a tough road for them since the trial has started. they've got ten several death threats via e-mail -- even their attorney. people drive-by the house and gawk and many other people that drive-by 20 homes down from where the anthony's house is that wooded area where caylee's remains were found. they want to make sure the neighborhood is safe that they keep traffic moving and nobody is bothering the anthonys and trying to pull protests like we saw three years ago. >> greta: holly, thank you. we sit down with the prosecutor in casey anthony's murder trial. jeff ashton is here. what does he have to say about the verdict? was he prepared for casey to take the stand? hear from jeff ashton, next. >> a very sensitive and tricky situation, george and cindy anthony testified multiple times for
? >> greta: did you think cindy anthony was telling the truth when she said she had done the searches for chloroform? >> there's a lot of speculation. there's a lot that went into her looking for the chlorophyll because she was worried about her dogs. i didn't know. with cindy, it want as obvious to me, the lying. she was in a lot of pain. she was in a lot of stress. allegedly she was on a lot of medication. she's been questioned a number as her going back and forth with that, that was something that you kept in the back of your mind. as far as her lying about it. there's people that may look into that. that was not sag we considered much going into tkhreub -- was not something that we considered much going into deliberation the >> greta: everything there was something not proven by the state. was there discussion of motive? they don't have to provecckp motive. any discussion about why anybody would do that? >> again, motive was not something we had to prove or anything. it is not -- we felt that the motive that the state provided was in our eyes was kind of weak. that a mother would
. and if there was, there still is a question of who and where? >> greta: did you think cindy anthony was telling the truth when she said she had done the searches for chloroform? >> there's a lot of speculation. there's a lot that went into her looking for the chlorophyll because she was worried about her dogs. i didn't know. with cindy, it want as obvious to me, the lying. she was in a lot of pain. she was in a lot of stress. allegedly she was on a lot of medication. she's been questioned a number of different times. as far as her going back and forth with that, that was something that you kept in the back of your mind. as far as her lying about it. there's people that may look into that. that was not sag we considered much going into tkhreub -- was not something that we considered much going into deliberation the >> greta: everything there was something not proven by the state. was there discussion of motive? they don't have to provecckp motive. any discussion about why anybody would do that? >> again, motive was not something we had to prove or anything. it is not -- we felt that the motive t
into that pool herself and cindy testified that she believes that the pool ladder was left in a position that would have allowed her to go in there and drown accidentally. so, really, the devil is in the details and there is going to be a lot of nuance and a lot of debate. >> drew, as a reporter there covering the case and also as an observer, as you watch the faces of the people on the jury, she is saying that i'm not going to testify, i'm doing it under my own will. what are they doing? what is their reaction? >> well, there has not been a lot of reaction from the jury, and a lot of that is upon the instruction of the judge, but they have paid close attention to the testimony. i have noticed that a lot of the jurors are watching casey anthony a lot which i think is very interesting. some of them take notes. some of them don't. i have noticed throughout the trial that they are friendly with each other and especially the ones who are close. so it is very interesting to see who is elected the foreman and how these deliberations start going once they get the case. >> all right. now, to jim
. george and cindy got up immediately and walked out of the courtroom. in this trial and all trials the responsibility and pressure lies with the jury. their perspective is unique and binding. during this period of time we were able to contact friends or family or co-workers, were you totally isolated? >> we could use our cell phones and speak to people in a community area were there was always a deputy. we logged all our calls, someone was always listening. >> greta: i have an enormous amount of respect for anyone who serves on a jury. there has been disagreement or criticism of the jury's verdict. they didn't sit through the trial, nonetheless criticism exists. what do you say to those who criticize this jury's verdict? >> they can criticize it, i understand some people might have more of an emotional involvement. that's understandable that they would criticize. that they are emotionally involved it affects them personally. fortunately, they picked people who had no bias. which is equates to a fair trial which everyone in this country deserves. i had no bias. i was not emotionally
defense. its the testimony of her mother cindy that is said to be critical as we head toward the jury deliberations. she testified on the stand last week that in mid march of 2008 she was not at work but at home googling chloroform and chlorophyll on the anthony home computer. her coworkers are expected to testify in the next few hours that their work records show cindy anthony was in fact at work during the key times. prosecutors unearthed more am eugammunition about the testimo. >> they did key word searches based on what she provided in her testimony and there is no reference to those terms even in the unallocated deleted fire fox his reor on the entire hard drive. >> reporter: those computer searches are just as critical for the state as is the evidence of the duct tape. because prosecutors say together they prove casey anthony planned out doping caylee to sleep and suffocated her with that duct tape. that gives the prosecution team what they needed, premeditated murder. that's what the first-degree murder charge is for and that's why casey anthony faces the poe ten aldeath penalt
to be on the table when cindy took the stand and said it was me, i think by the rebuttal proving she lied. not only does it show that they should disregard her, it shows how devastating that evidence is, if she was lying to save her daughter's life, why? because her daughter did the searches and she was thinking about this months before. >> ainsley: is that a home run for the prosecution. >> the case is the presentation and if the jurors are able to pars it out. >> dave: this won't be focus, but toi'm curious about the testimony of her mom. the kid who flipped the bird in the court got six days in jail. so, clearly, the judge wanted to say, hey, listen, i want to make an example of each and every one of you that has done something wrong in moo i courtroom. don't you have to pursue perjury judges. >> i think that she's guilty of perjury, but she's a mother and she gave some of the most crucial evidence for the prosecution based on the 911 calls and the smell of death and linking bags and tape to her home so that she took the stand. >> she's like i lost my granddaughter, i cannot lose my daughter. >>
on rebutting cindy anthony's testimony yesterday. you might remember casey's mother claimed she is the one who did internet searches for chlorophyll and chloroform on the anthony home computer, all this now is going to have to wait, judge perry saying he was going to give the attorneys tomorrow off to prepare closing arguments but now, they're going to have to work. phil keating live in orlando outside the courtroom. these new depositions, are they underway now, phil? >> reporter error jon, in fact they are, right over my shoulder, the courthouse annex in downtown orlando, jose baez, casey anthony's lead attorney, as well as jeff ashton, assistant prosecutor for the state of florida, went into that room and they are now de posing two forensic scientists that the state plans to bring up. as you mentioned, about rebutting the testimony by dr. vernon spitz that the autopsy was done shodly, but also, cindy anthony's former coworkers, casey anthony's mother, who had that shocking testimony last thursday where she said she was at home in mid march 2008 doing those chlorophyll and chloroform searches
was capable of getting into the pool herself, and cindy testified that she believed that the ladder was left in a position that would allow her to go in and drown accidentally. the devil is in the details. it's going to be a lot of nuance and a lot of debate. >> drew, as a reporter and an observer, as you're watching the faces of the people on the jury, she's saying i'm not going to testify, i'm doing it under my own will, what are they doing? what's their reaction? >> there's really not been a lot of reaction from the jury. i think a lot of that is upon the instruction of the judge, but i think they have paid very close attention to testimony. i have noticed a lot of the jurors watch casey anthony a lot, which i think is very interesting. some of them take notes. some of them don't. i have also noticed throughout the trial, they have become friendy with each other. it will be interesting to see who is elected foreman and how the deliberations start going once they get the case. >> all right, now to jim clumeanty, former five profiler, when you have someone on trial like this and they don't
. this blanket was not taken from the home of some stranger. it was taken from the home of george and cindy anthony where cindy and caylee lived. the claim that some stranger abducted caylee anthony was no longer tenable. just as the claim that she had -- just as the claim that caylee was at zani's sleeping, just like the claim that she worked at universal studios, just like the claim that she left caylee at zani's house. one by one those claims died. and by the time caylee's body was found, any suggestion that caylee was kidnapped and murdered by a stranger was gone. there was no question left that caylee anthony died at the hands of someone in that house. when we started this trial, the defense in opening statement made some statements. i want to first, of course, remind you that what the attorneys say, what i say, what defense counsel says is not evidence in this case. the evidence you must decide this case on is what comes from the witness stand or from these exhibits in evidence. in opening statement, defense counsel gave you a very, very detailed explanation, story of how caylee antho
of the week, after a 30-year career. and an attttney for the parents, george and cindy anthony, meanwhile, he tells abc news tonight thth the family has received death threats in the wake of this verdict. as if they haven't suffered enough. here's abc's ashleigh banfield. >> good afternoon, ladies and gentlemen of the jury. have you reached a verdict? >> reporter: it was a swift and shocking end to a courtroom drama that's transfixed the drama. >> we the jury find the defendant not guilty. >> reporter: 25-year-old casey anthony found not guilty on every major count relating to the death of her 2-year-old daughter caylee. the 12 jurors, all of whom declined to speak following the verdict, deliberated for just ten hours and 40 minutes, most of that over the fourth of july holiday. anthony did not get off scott free. the jury did find her guilty on four counts of lying to police. but they're just misdemeanors. by all accounts, there is no question this verdict is a victory for casey anthony's defense team. >> what my driving force has been for the last three years has been always to make sure th
characters in the family who acted weird. you never saw lee in the courtroom. why? you saw george and cindy do strange things in the trial. all of that led to reasonable doubt, and that came to the jury verdict here today. >> and anne and meg, savannah are looking at the twitter traffic and the e-mails and the thing most is the chloroform thing still does not gel or jive well with these people who are twittering or sending out the tweets and what not and also the duct tape. as the prosecutor pointed out who would make an accident look like a murder. this duct tape issue still is i think it is questionable to a lot off people, and that we will hear from the jury and i don't want to second-guess them because they have been away from their families and sacrificed to come to the conclusion, but people are out there saying chloroform was searched here not by cindy anthony and there was duct tape on this child's remains. >> well, the thing is that the defense and the heart-shaped sticker was on there or not there when the picture was take n and the residue and i will tell you that the case had a
the night at zany's. 17th we are spending the night at zany's again. cindy accepted that. by june 18th casey new that cindy would no longer accept that excuse. june 18th casey adds the conference in tampa wrinkle, well the i have got this conference i tav tampa i am goi to take caylee with me along with zany the baby-sitter to this conference in tampa. >> she created a fictitious love of her life. >> the back story of jeff hopkins is he's a wealthy friend of hers that she has some romantic interest in who lives out of town. i am in jacksonville with jeff hopkins this man with whom i think i can have an actual relationship, a wealthy boyfriend who has a child the same age as caylee with whom i think i could have a long-term relationship. mom, you have got to get used to the fact tt i won't always be with you. this is all made up. she is now got her mother convinced she is in a potentially long-term relationship with a wealthy man who lis out of town. timer 55. she is coming up with a long-term strategy because maybe she will mare jeef hopkins -- jeff hopkins. maybe they will elope to europe.
was in a jays sent cell to miss anthony for a brief period of time. >> cindy anthony testified she did searches for chloroform on the internet. >> do you recall in march of 2008 you do any types of searches for any items that might include chloroform? >> yes. >> did you input the word into the google search engine, how to make chloroform? >> i don't recall putting in how to make chloroform. but i did google search chloroform. and we talked about it in my deposition. >> i don't want to be here. i don't want my sister to be here, my parents to be here. this is obviously just very emotionally draining and very difficult. >> based upon the reports that the court has reviewed, the court will find that the defendant is competent to continue to proceed. >> you of course would never admit to molesting your child, would you sir? >> sir, i never would do anything like that to my daughter. >> me question is, with you would never admit to it, would you sir? >> sir, i would never do anything to harm my daughter in that way. i never had a romantic affair with krystal holloway, river cruz or whatever name she
right now? joining us is mark lippman the attorney for george, cindy and lee anthony. i know you are not going to tell me specifically where they are for security reasons. i'm curious, how they are doing tonight? >> they are doing fine. they are assimilating and letting this sink in the fact that this chapter in their life is over and that they will not have to face any more depositions, any more testimony, being recalled and recalled in this case. all that is over. and tomorrow we'll see what the day brings. >> greta: do you expect them to go to court tomorrow? >> i can discuss that, because of security reasons. you can imagine they've been there everyday since the trial began, so. >> greta: what do you advise your clients at this point? your clients are obviously not the defendants. but they've gone through a horrible situation with their child and of course with their grandchild. how do you advise them to get their lives back in order? >> first, we need to see what happens tomorrow. see what casey chooses to do. certainly, there's lots of decisions that need to be may. neither
their pets. george was very -- [ unintelligible ] cindy said [ unintelligible ] lee said no we buried our pets in garbage bags and we used duck tape. i think that's how they disposed of caylee's body. >> greta: in opening baez said george molested casey anthony, do you think that happened? >> you that remember, opening statements are not evidence. there was no discussions of that, no presentation. for me i didn't even consider that at all. >> greta: that didn't mean anything as to how the child died or did not die? that was something that sort of collateral, is that a fair way to describe it? >> i wouldn't say collateral that was speculation on other parts, but not on myself. >> greta: were you surprised that casey didn't testify and did you want to hear from her? >> no, i wasn't surprised. [ unintelligible ] you are not required to testify you. i would have been real surprised if the defense would have put her up there. yes there was a large amount of lies. you have to remember, lies started two years prior to caylee's death. [ unintelligible ] i didn't expect to hear from her. >> greta:
and cindy multiple times. it is my belief she has severe mental issues. >> greta: i can imagine anything more difficult than what the parents of casey have gone through. they've lost a grand child. their daughter is facing the possibility of the death penalty. the daughter has claimed the father has molested her, which he denies. today we have a woman taking the stand saying she was intimate, cheating on cindy. i guess the question is how are your clients doing tonight? >> the torn claimed there was some sort of sexual molestation. miss anthony has not tan the stand. that was purely fiction done by the torn many as to my clients, they are doing fine, getting through this and looking forward to the end of the trial. >> greta: that's a serious allegation to level at jose baez. either he has a good faith i was -- faith basis for asking these questions or it is not ethical. presumably he got this information from his client or it is not ethical. >> wherever he got it from there was no presentation of it, on the for instance that maybe his -- other than the infriends that maybe his client wou
my daughter's car today and t smells like there has been a dead body in the damn car. >> it was cindy anthony's frantic 911 call in july of 2008 that launched a search for caylee anthony. three months later, the missing child case became a murder investigation. prosecutors say casey killed her two-year-old daughter caylee with premeditation, poisoning her with chloroform and wrapping three pieces of duct tape over her nose and mouth. >> not one application, not two, but three. >> placing a heart shaped sticker on the tape covering little caylee's face, putting h her body in three garbage bags and dumping here in the woods. then casey began a 31 day party that ended when her parents found her car reeking with the smell of death. >> that particular smell whenever you smell it, it is something you never forget. >> the prosecution says casey planned it all in advance, researching chloroform and how to make chloroform on the anthony computer 84 times in march of 2008. and investigators knew it was casey because cdy and george were both at work. but last week cindy anthony sent shockwaves t
this morning right after lunch the verdict was in but you did see george and cindy anthony briefly and they quickly walked out of the courtroom and george was holding and praying with a bible and they walked out and it was yesterday morning as the prosecutors were raising doubt among the jury even to buy the story presented by the defense team that george anthony was somehow involved in this. he said he is not a monster and you saw casey anthony mouth her lips "yes, he is," and, clearly, she may be released immediately thursday morning at 9:00 a.m. when she has her sentencing hearing but she could be held for another full year in prison. depending on what judge perry want dozen do. >> we are waiting not only for the jury but we are expecting that prosecution team that you were talking about, will be headed into the media room. we expect to hear from them. they have clearly been slammed by this verdict. a verdict they did not expect. the question is -- we still have our link to phil? phil, the question is, you said she could go back to prison for another year. that is in the case, t
holelein casey anthony's mother's testimony. did they prove that cindy anthony lied when she said she was the one searching for chloroform on the family computer? her daughter's life could hinge on that one detail. >>> a royal weekend. royal stories across two continents, and monaco longtime bachelor prince albert is married in an elaborate ceremony despite rumors that his bride tried to run away. >>> and in north america, prince william and catherine are taking canada by storm. can anyone else make wearing a maple leaf this good? >>> and party in the usa. it's going to be a scorcher of a holiday weekend with record highs across much of the country. race to the beach. in some communities that heat and dry weather may mean no fireworks on the fourth? >>> and happy fourth of july weekend, everyone. dan harris is on assignment, but we're happy to have dan abrams with us. and, dan, if there were ever a weekend for you to join us, this is the one. a lot of legal news going on. >> yeah. unbelievably you've got the casey anthony case. you've got strauss-kahn. we're not e
's mother, cindy an known, who finally called 9-1-1 to report the toddler missing. >> at the end of this case all you have to do is ask your self a simple question is: whose life was better without caylee? was cindy anthony's life better? >> i found out my granddaughter has been taken. my daughter admitted she has been missing. my daughter finally admitted the baby has been stolen. >> your daughter admitted the baby is where? >> my daughter has been looking for, and she has been missing for a month and i found my daughter today and she admitted she has been trying to find her, herself. there's something wrong. i found my daughter's car today and it smells like there's been a dead body in the car. >> whose life was better? that's the only question you need to answer. in considering why caylee marie anthony was left on the side of the road, dead. there's your answer. >> the prosecution ended with showing the jury these photographs casey anthony partying just after her daughter died and the tattoo we're told she got and the same time, italian for "beautiful life." the young mother's
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